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Do I have to ride open to be considered for a World Cup selection.  Open riders will be given priority. Top Junior Men & Women will be considered
How long is the lake? 800 metres
How deep is the lake? 3 metres
What boat and weight? Fully loaded X-Star
When is practice?available a week before the event till the day before first day of competition. I have been informed the last few days b4 the event already booked up.
Is there a charge for practice? Yes; as per Bulletin No. 2 (see attached)
Any features?  To Be Advised in Bulletin No. 3
Bulletin No. 3 will be circulated end of this week/early next week with a tentative event schedule, cash purse, etc.
Please direct further questions to Nuno Eça <>, IWWF World Wakeboard Council Chairman





Team USA’s strong performance at the Pan-Am Wakeboard Championship was capped off with a win by Daniel Powers (Orlando, Fl).  Powers edged out fellow teammate Noah Flegel (Lighthouse Point, Fl) in a very close open men finals.


The two Floridians were accompanied by teammates Jimmy McClure in Junior Men (Ruther Glen, Va), and Zoe Luquette in Girls (Las Vegas, Nv), both making their international competition debut.  The two finished second and sixth, respectively.

Powers’ finish has earned him the USA spot at the Pan-Am Games held this year in Toronto, Canada over July 20-23.

For full week results, click here, or here with video.

Apply to USA Wakeboard to be a member of Team USA or an Individual at this year’s Pan-Am Wakeboard Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The Pan-Am championships include men and women of all ages.  Competing in 14 divisions pulled by Malibu, and their MXZ 22, riders from all over North, South, and Central America will gather in Buenos Aires during February 10-15, 2015.  The facilities are truly world class.

To apply to represent the USA, please send applications and inquiries to  USA Wakeboard’s selection committee will provide prompt feed back to each applicant.

Please include in application emails:

Name, Division applying for, Past results, Recent results, and optional video

To see USA Wakeboard’s team selection criteria, click HERE


Selection Committee for 2015 Pan-Am Championships is made up of:

John Zdeblick, Jonathan Strauss, and Chris Beckman.



Additional information:

Lake Giloema, Barrio Parque Malibu, Corredor Verde Canning – San Vicente, Partido Presidente Perón

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The site is located on route “Ruta 58 km 11,5, Partido de Presidente Perón”. For more information visit


Junior Boys/Girls


Juniors Men/Women

Masters Men/Women

Veteran Men/Women

Open Men/Women

Wakeskate Open Men/Women


ASU Wins Collegiate Nationals – Colby Bernier and Chelsea Clark take individual titles

After four years Collegiate Nationals using their new format, four different teams have all held top honors, as well as four different Men and Women. The pooled format has proven to be more competitive and difficult to dominate than the previous head-to-head bracket format. While a few teams have been perennial podium earners, making that complete team has always been a challenge.

ASU’s story isn’t just of their first National Championship team, but one where when the format for this event started, ASU didn’t even have a team. Within only four years ASU went from nonexistent to national champions. “It was such an amazing feeling watching all of the Wake Devils ride at Nationals!” says Ryan Platt (ASU- Sr.), ASU team founder and president who rode Men’s A but just missed finals. Platt “felt confident in [his] team and knew [they] had the ability”.

The ability of all the riders this year, not just ASU had stepped up across the field. Riders from all divisions were hitting bigger tricks than the years before. Men’s C winner Ried Paxton (Ok. St. -Sr.) was doing every trick ten or more feet to the flats, including heelside frontside 540s, and elephants.

But the highlights came in the top men’s division. Men’s A saw the closest, and arguably most talented finals in the last few years. First off the dock was Adam Holdsworth (Tenn – GS) in his first debut collegiate national appearance. Holdsworth didn’t hold anything back, packing into his first pass a big batwing, Hs late roll to blind, and a perfect nose grab crow mobe. Adam put the pressure on and the other riders had a hard time staying collected. Colby Bernier (Jacksonville St. – So) came out last and fired off a few of his own tricks. Starting off with a Nose grab moby dick, and a melan pete rose; Colby sealed the deal with a massive indy glide and switch tootsie in his second pass.

The women’s division was full of heavy hits as well. Chelsea Clark (ASU – Sr) watched all the girls ahead of her come out and stick backrolls, tantrums, and backside 180s, but she was there to show that she and her fellow wake devils belonged on top of that podium. Clark was launching across the wake with her switch and regular 180s followed closely by her heelside backroll, frontroll, and tantrum. Even with her title locked up she went for a hs 360, missing the handle, to just glide back into the water.

Platt of ASU said he “never would’ve guessed we would have won nationals when [he] started the team”. He’s sure that with all the interest they’ve generated in the past four years that ASU will be “a strong force in collegiate wakeboarding for a long time”. The level of riding at colleges is getting better year after year, and new teams are popping up all over the place. So only time will tell if they can keep the momentum alive.

For full weekend results click here.

USA Wakeboard would like to thank all of the sponsors that helped make this event possible.

Supra Boats,

Moomba Boats,

Bayou Sports,

Shreveport- Bossier Sports Commission,

Shreveport Parks and Recreation,

Margaritaville hotel and casino,

Louisiana Collegiate Wake Tour,

Backside 5 clothing,

It happened again. There was a battle royale at USA Wakeboard headquarters in Polk City, Florida last week. John Zdeblick and I were handed the task of determining who the top 20 collegiate wakeboard teams in the country were. With defending national champion Central Washington on a rebuilding year due to graduation, it could be almost anyone’s title to win. These results are based off of the 5 regional qualifiers that were held around the country this past fall, and our own knowledge of each team. There was definitely a difference of opinion in who should be ranked where. But after a few coin flips, several intense arguments, and two threats, we had a list. We are proud of our list but as always, if you disagree, then we will see you in Shreveport, LA on May 30th for the start of the 2014 USA Wakeboard Collegiate National Championship. Because the only ranking that really matters is the last one! – Nick McDonald


#1 Arizona State is as close to a dynasty as anything we have seen in college wakeboarding. They have the talent like Ryan Platt and Chelsea Clark who are both contenders to win the best mens and womens rider in the country. They also have to ability to go anywhere in the country and win. Everywhere they go feels like a home competition, but can they make Shreveport, LA feel like home?


#2 Florida ran away with the Southeastern Regional that included two top 10 teams by 240 points. James Ort and the boys know how to ride, but having Freddy Wayne on the team helps too. Hopefully the win doesn’t go to their head because riding at a regional in Gainesville is a lot different than riding for the title at nationals.

Oak State

#3 The Cowboys snuck up on everyone at Shreveport in September. They have gone from not qualified for nationals to number 3 in less than 6 months. With one of the best group of men riders in the country combined with a decent women’s pair, they are in a position to win it all. They just better find a wakeskater by nationals.


#4 Tennessee went from national champs in 2011 to not even showing up the last 2 years. But for the 2014 season they are back and possibly better than ever. Grad student Adam Holdsworth may be all it takes to push the Volunteers over the top. But a heated rivalry may be building in the east region with Virginia Tech that could put a halt to their title hopes.

V Tech

#5 The Hokies are probably one of the most consistent teams in the country right now. They always find a way to get in the hunt but can’t quite get all the way to the top. And Tennessee has their number this year because they beat a visiting Virginia Tech team in Knoxville. But it was a narrow victory and you know the Hokies are out for revenge on the east coast rivals.


#6 Chico State won the title in 2012 at the Oklahoma City nationals, but last season they were a no show. The Wildcats were the only team with a chance to beat Arizona State at the West Regional but couldn’t put it all together. They are still in that upper tier of teams but can they put it all together and win the title again? They did lose to Arizona State at the regionals in 2011 before they won it all.


#7 Last year FGCU was led by Kevin Wipplinger, Josh Hamon, and Womens National Champion GiGi Meyer. GiGi is back but the rest of the team has graduated and that’s big hit. But in sunny Florida it’s not hard to find quality riders, so the Eagles have just reloaded. They won’t have much experience at nationals but that shouldn’t slow them down.


#8 The Buckeyes are a brand new program to USA Wakeboard. So #8 is a great start. Don’t be surprised to see this team turn some heads. They won the Midwest Regional over perennial power house Wisconsin in September. They are a solid team from top to bottom and may be this year’s surprise at nationals.


#9 The Wildcats are the defending national champions, but that’s going to be hard to repeat this year. Last year’s team that was led by Eddie Roberts and easily ran away with the title, has almost entirely graduated. While Kolby Blew is a contender for Men’s A, they still have to rebuild the rest of the team.


#10 The Knights are in the heart of wakeboarding mecca. Any school from the Orlando area has to have a good wakeboarding team.  UCF beat out FGCU by 15 points to take 2nd at the regional. But going up against stronger competition at nationals is a lot different. This team is definitely a sleeper who could surprise some unexpecting teams.


#11 The Warhawks were feeling confident heading to regionals after winning the Louisiana Collegiate Tour last season over rival LSU. But Oklahoma State fixed that. The addition of freshman Trevor Duncan, plus one of the better womens pairs in college are the highpoints. But after that, it’s kind of bleak. Don’t count the young team out though as they have a knack for sneaking in the top 10.


#12 It’s a rebuilding year for Wisconsin. Team Captain John Zdeblick graduated and left some massive shoes to fill. You just don’t go out and replace a former wakeboarding and wakeskating college champion real easy. They have done a good job of it though and are still a team you can’t take lightly. They are solid on wakeboards but not on wakeskates.


#13 South Florida competed in a difficult regional and still came out looking like a solid team, but couldn’t get one of the three automatic bids to nationals. They finished 60 points behind 2nd place and 45 points behind 3rd. That’s almost 1 rider finishing 1 spot higher in their division from a whole different outcome. As a result the bulls were awarded a wildcard spot and another crack at UCF and FGCU.


#14 Boise State just missed the cut for a automatic bid to nationals. They rode without a wakeskater and that cost them at worst a tie for 3rd with Central Washington. Boise is a sleeper school to watch. Julie Robinson has the team headed in the right direction and that has earned them a wildcard spot at nationals and a chance to get in the top 10.

Ole Miss

#15 Ole Miss is a newly resurrected team but they have come out firing. The team led by Ben Burch and Houston Buckley has quickly grown and has out right earned their first bid to nationals by finishing tied for 2nd at the Southcentral regional with ULM. Last year they were just making an appearance but this year they are here to compete.


#16 The Bayou Bengals have made some serious waves in the Louisiana Collegiate Wake Tour. But when it comes to regionals, they haven’t really been able to put it all together. With one of the best all around riders in Nick Viccari, and a supporting crew that only lacks a decent women’s rider, they could be a nightmare for everyone else if they can get a wildcard spot at nationals.

Sac State

#17 Sacramento was another team that made Central Washington sweat at the West Regionals.  A good group of men’s riders that seem to be pretty even across the board anchor the team. But there isn’t a whole lot else there. They did tie Boise St for 4th at regionals but they did it with one more person than Boise St had.

Miss State

#18  Everyone loves the Bulldogs at Mississippi State. They just lack the upper level talent required to be successful at nationals.  But what they lack in talent, they make up for in numbers and enthusiasm. State has to be one of the biggest teams in the country with over 30 riders and that’s why they currently lead the Louisiana Collegiate Wake Tour.

Wash State

#19 Washington State made it through the regionals. That’s about all they did though. The highlight was a 3rdplace finish in Women’s A by Maria Smith. They a obviously a young new team that we hope to see more out of in the future.


#20 When you think of Marquette, you don’t exactly think high caliber wakeboarding. And for the most part, that’s true. The new team is trying to get it together and become a power house like their neighbor, Wisconsin. They are not there yet but they did earn a outright bid to nationals with a 3rd place finish at the Midwest regional even though they can’t make the trip.

If you think your team has what it takes to make the top 20, then contact Nick McDonald at or 318-381-2058 for more information on joining the USA Wakeboard Collegiate Tournament. All fulltime students of a 4 year college or university are welcome to compete at the regional qualifiers. If your company is interested in sponsoring the 2014 and/or future National Championships, please contact Nick also. USA Wakeboard is a part of the USA Waterski Family.

Collegiate Nationals will be making wakes in Shreveport, Louisiana for the second year in a row.  After 2013’s strong competition field and fun environment the city brought, riders will get to enjoy more of what the city has to offer.

Riders will compete May 30 through June 1 with a new timeline.  Nick McDonald is particularly excited about the later start times “With a later sunset and more daylight, we don’t have to start early,  riders can enjoy Shreveport’s Farmer’s Market or be better rested for their runs.”

The event will keep the same format as the past few years narrowing the field of riders for each division, as placement earns their team points.  After Central Washington’s dominating performance last year, we will see if the Red River is their turf, or another school is ready for the title.


Stay tuned for details as they are released.

Only one regional left for the 2013-2014 Season!


For event details check out

Arizona State’s wakeboard team has been a dominant force the last few years since Ryan Platt revived the stagnant club.  This year with Platt (SR) riding in the top spot, both he and his team were able to pull in their team’s first regional win.

Platt didn’t have an easy path, beating Colby Blew (CWU- SO.) who last year placed 2nd at Collegiate Nationals, and Ryan Block of an annually strong Chico State.  But these events aren’t just about the top men, ASU put the whole team on the podium in their divisions with wins by Chelsea Clark (Women’s A) and Cole Kraiss (Skate).  The well rounded team should match up strongly at Nationals.

ASU last attended the 2012 Collegiate Nationals, the team’s first time competing, and was able to grab 4th- just off the podium.

Just behind ASU was Chico State who grabbed 3rd, and 3 top podium spots in Men’s B, C, and D.  Having deep talent helped push them just over the defending national champions Central Washington.  Central Washington, who at the 2013 Nationals posted the highest recorded score at nationals (610/700), still has a strong team, and has been able to recruit well.  Many of CWU’s team have graduated, and are now focusing on bringing up talent through the ranks.



1 Arizona State 590
2 Chico State 545
3 Central Washington 435
4 Boise State 380
6 Washington State 250
4 Sacramento State 380

September 23, 2013

Ohio State University came in hot to Lake Andrea Wisconsin, just narrowly besting the previously undefeated Wisconsin.  The weekend was close between these two teams and everyone knew it.  Day one was all about seeding, and Wisconsin showed why they’ve gone three for three at regionals in the past.  From Women’s B to Men’s C the Badgers help the top seed and secured second seeds in Men’s B, and A.


But day two was one for the Buckeyes.  With conditions starting off glassy, the women’s riders and skate started things off, and the solid wake to wakes and grabs by Wisco’s Mai Tyler (FR) and Chris Beglinger’s wakeskate work (JR) put them ahead early.  From then on it was Ohio State.  With Melissa Ford  (SO) stomping a huge backroll out into the flats to secure the top Women’s spot.  The men’s divisons were all OSU.  With impressive performances from A to C, but Danny Collins’ (FR) run in A was really what sealed the deal.  Coming down to the last two riders, who ever won would take the team title.  Danny withstood the pressure sticking a TS 540, frontside and backside 360s, and a whole host of inverts.


Ohio State can now call themselves Regional Champs and is ready to make their way to Nationals.


Place School Total Points
1 OSU 625
2 Madison A 620
3 Marquette 305
4 Madison B 300

The regional series started this year with the East and South Central events for teams to earn their way into the Collegiate Nationals run in the spring.

In the East region, Hosts University of Tennessee at Knoxville put together some high quality riding.  The Volunteers are looking to have another season like their 2011 Victory, and with the help of their new graduate student Adam Holdsworth, they could pull it off.  Tennessee came out strong with all of their riders, from their Women’s primary team all the way though their secondary Men’s team.

Virginia Tech wasn’t to be outdone by the hosts, and eyed up their Third title in a row.  Eli Archer on wakeskate put up a very solid run easily earning his regional win. Julie Benjamin and Sean O’Toole also helped pull in some victories for the defending regional winners (Women’s B and Men’s D respectively).

The top divisions were close, but titles went to Ash Stout (Tenn, Women’s A) and  Colby Burnier (Jacksonville St. Men’s A) earning his title back to back.  At the end of the weekend it was Tennessee to take the very close team standings.


The South Central Region was dominated by Oklahoma State University.  The teams met outside Shreveport, La to determine winners and Matt McCaleb after a year hiatus, due to a knee injury, proved he was back.  Matt took down the title and led three other members on his team to victory.  Reid Paxton (Men’s B), Garret Black (Men’s C), and Alexis Cadaret (Women’s B) added to their totals.

The contest for second was close, and thanks to Louisiana-Monroe’s A riders Trevor Duncan (4th) and Doryn Gremillion (1st) for settling the tie break and coming out ahead over Ole Miss’ Blake Armstrong (3rd) and Callie Watson (5th).


1 UT 1 605
2 VT 1 595
3 UT 2 460
4 VT 2 355
5 VT 3 290
6 Jacksonville State 100
7 Radford 30
1 Oklahoma State 580
2 Louisiana-Monroe 490
2 Ole Miss 490
4 Mississippi State 410
5 La Tech 255
6 LSU 205