Tennessee and Oklahoma State win regionals

The regional series started this year with the East and South Central events for teams to earn their way into the Collegiate Nationals run in the spring.

In the East region, Hosts University of Tennessee at Knoxville put together some high quality riding.  The Volunteers are looking to have another season like their 2011 Victory, and with the help of their new graduate student Adam Holdsworth, they could pull it off.  Tennessee came out strong with all of their riders, from their Women’s primary team all the way though their secondary Men’s team.

Virginia Tech wasn’t to be outdone by the hosts, and eyed up their Third title in a row.  Eli Archer on wakeskate put up a very solid run easily earning his regional win. Julie Benjamin and Sean O’Toole also helped pull in some victories for the defending regional winners (Women’s B and Men’s D respectively).

The top divisions were close, but titles went to Ash Stout (Tenn, Women’s A) and  Colby Burnier (Jacksonville St. Men’s A) earning his title back to back.  At the end of the weekend it was Tennessee to take the very close team standings.


The South Central Region was dominated by Oklahoma State University.  The teams met outside Shreveport, La to determine winners and Matt McCaleb after a year hiatus, due to a knee injury, proved he was back.  Matt took down the title and led three other members on his team to victory.  Reid Paxton (Men’s B), Garret Black (Men’s C), and Alexis Cadaret (Women’s B) added to their totals.

The contest for second was close, and thanks to Louisiana-Monroe’s A riders Trevor Duncan (4th) and Doryn Gremillion (1st) for settling the tie break and coming out ahead over Ole Miss’ Blake Armstrong (3rd) and Callie Watson (5th).


1 UT 1 605
2 VT 1 595
3 UT 2 460
4 VT 2 355
5 VT 3 290
6 Jacksonville State 100
7 Radford 30
1 Oklahoma State 580
2 Louisiana-Monroe 490
2 Ole Miss 490
4 Mississippi State 410
5 La Tech 255
6 LSU 205

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