Apply to be a Part of Team USA in South Korea



2013 USA Wakeboard World Team Selection Criteria

-        Any athlete with interest to compete in the 2013 IWWF Wakeboard World Championships in Busan, Korea (Aug 28- Sept 1, 2013) must follow the following procedures:

  • Submit their interest to the Competition Department at USA Wakeboard.

USA Wakeboard

Britt Hoyland—Competition Department

1251 Holy Cow Road, Polk City, Florida 33868


-       Deadlines for applications are July 22, 2013.  Our selection decisions will be given on or before July 29, 2013.

-        Each athlete must list their tournament results for 2012 & 2013 competition years, previous years are welcome only after 2009. All Sanctioning bodies of wakeboarding events will be considered

  • World or National Rankings
  • Tournament Scores and/or Results
  • Awards from industry

-        From the athletes requesting consideration, a team will be selected by the review committee based upon which riders will comprise the best team to earn the highest placement at the World Championships.  The team will be considered for approval by the USA Wakeboard Board of Directors.

-        Divisions for competition at the 2013 World Event are below (all ages taken as of January 1, 2013):

  • 14 and Under – Boys
  • 14 and Under – Girls
  • 18 and Under – Junior Men
  • 18 and Under – Junior Women
  • 30 Years and Over – Masters Men
  • 30 Years and Over – Masters Women
  • 40 Years and Over – Veteran Men
  • 40 Years and Over – Veteran Women
  • Open – Men
  • Open – Women
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